Three Very Important Sales Tips
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Three Very Important Sales Tips

There are hundreds of books on sales, with thousands of tips. Here are three of the main tips to help you sell more:

1. Is your business or product unique?: If I can walk down the street and get a product or service similar to yours, why should I buy from you?. You need to show me why I should buy from you instead. Put yourself in your potential customers shoes, and answers this question: why should I buy from you?

2. Know your product: You must be able to answer any question regarding your product quickly and with no hesitation. In sales, knowledge is power, and the extent of your knowledge translates into confidence in the mind of your prospect. Your knowledge of your product is almost as important as the product itself.

3. Overcome the fear to "NO". One of the biggest problems in the sales profession is to be afraid to hear "NO" all the time. This comes in different forms: "I m just curious," "I need to check with my spouse," and so on. Remember that if you have a suitable product, and you are targeting the appropriate market segment, some will buy, and some will not. Anyway, do not take rejection personally.

Check our blog regularly, we have many more tips to share with you.

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